PhD Workshop

As part of the upcoming 2014 Conference of the International Society for Justice Research (ISJR) in New York, a workshop for PhD students will be held and mentored by two ISJR senior justice scholars, Manfred Schmitt and Clara Sabbagh.  The workshop will give five PhD students the opportunity to present their dissertation research and discuss it with the mentors and the workshop participants. In line with our society’s interdisciplinary and international mission, the workshop is open to students from all countries and disciplines that address social justice issues (psychology, sociology, economy, political science, education, philosophy).  


Participants of the workshop have to be members of ISJR. Applicants are requested to join the ISJR prior to the application (


The workshop will be held on Thursday, June 19, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. at the conference site in New York, prior to the conference.


Each PhD student will have a time slot of 90 minutes for the presentation and discussion of his or her research project. The presentation itself should take about 30 minutes, at most 45 minutes.  In the remaining time, Clara and Manfred as well as the other PhD students will give feedback and make suggestions aimed at improving the project.


Experience tells that PhD workshops are most profitable for participants who have already a rather clear idea of their research question and hypotheses as well as the design and the methodology they want to use (measures, experimental procedures, sample, data analysis), but who have not yet started to collect (all) data. Students who have completed their data collection and analyses tend to profit less from PhD workshops, because it is often too late at this time for substantial improvements of the studies.


PhD students who will conduct justice research as part of their dissertation and who anticipate having their research plan ready by June 2014 are invited to apply for participation. Applications should be sent via Email to Manfred Schmitt ( and Clara Sabbagh ( The deadline for applications is December 15, 2013. Applications should include a CV and an outline of the dissertation research (up to 5 pages). Moreover, applicants should describe the anticipated stage of the project at the time of the workshop. Finally, the name and affiliation of the supervisor(s) should be indicated.


Senior members of the ISJR who receive this call are kindly invited to pass it on to eligible PhD students. PhD students who receive this call are kindly advised to discuss it with their supervisor.


Manfred and Clara will review the applications. If more than five applications are received, they will select applicants based on quality, substantive fit, and developmental stage of the project. Applicants will be informed about their admission or rejection by Dec 31, 2013. Admission letters will contain more detailed information about the workshop venue and procedure.


Participation in the workshop will be free but it will not be funded by the ISJR. Participants have to cover their travel costs. Workshop participants are strongly encouraged to also attend the Justice Conference right after the workshop and present a paper or poster. This will give workshop participants an additional opportunity to receive feedback and start building an international research network early on.



Manfred & Clara