ISJR Travel Awards

ISJR wishes to encourage researchers from all over the world to attend its biennial conferences. We understand that the costs for travel and conference attendance can be considerable (and unfortunately often prohibitive) for researchers from countries with relatively lower incomes and financial resources, specifically in the developing world.


ISJR offers up to three travel awards of $1000 each for researchers from low-income countries and poorly resourced institutions, if they are interested in presenting their research at the ISJR conference. The application process is as follows:



Applicants apply for a travel award to ISJR President (, including

  • details of the conference contribution: format (symposium, paper, poster), title, authors, author affiliations, abstract
  •  a short justification for their need of financial support

Deadline for travel award applications: February 15, 2014.

In addition, applicants must submit their conference contribution as usual through the conference submission portal, by the conference submission deadline.



Amongst those accepted by the conference program committee, the ISJR President and two executive committee members will evaluate the applications in terms of relative merit and need of applicants for the travel award. Winners of the award will be notified.



The award payment ($1000) will be transferred following the conclusion of the conference.